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See you at Lifest 2024!

July 11-14  •  Oshkosh, WI

Artist announcements and ticket deals begin on Black Friday!

Adult Full Event (16+):
Adult One Day (16+):
Youth ages 8-15:
50% Off
Children 7 and under:
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Adult Full Event Inflation Proof Price: $49

Become a new monthly supporter of Life Promotions, or increase your current support to $40 per month, and be able to purchase your Lifest tickets at an Inflation Proof Price of $49*. Sign up at the Ticket Tent or the Life Promotions Booth located in the Marketplace.

*Never pay more than $49 for your Lifest Adult Full Event ticket as long as you support Life Promotions monthly at $40 per month. Tickets to be made available in June 2024. Limit of 10 tickets.