Pastor Jeff (P)J has been serving as a pastor for 41 years. PJ has been the Director of Parking at Lifest since year one. For 20+ years PJ has been traveling to SE Asia twice a year for short-term mission trips. Most trips were to Thailand, and by God’s favor, doors opened up just before COVID-19 and since for trips to Laos and Vietnam.

Saturday 10:00 am – Great Marriages Oasis – Serving Souls that Matter in South East Asia for 20 Years”
Come hear stories of how God is moving as He is ever warmly expanding His Kingdom in us, through us, all around us, and way beyond us in SE Asia (Laos, Thailand, Vietnam).  Stories of Bible teaching in person, stories of persecution and faithfulness, stories of Bible teaching online, and ongoing freshly redeemed stories of 100 baptism celebrations monthly.

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