We Built a Permanent Stage!

We didn’t just build a structure of steel and concrete. It’s a foundation. At Lifest, the Grandstand stage is a sanctuary. This is where we worship. This is where we connect with God, our families, and our community of faith. The stage is not the focus, but what happens here is what Lifest is focused on: celebrating God’s love and connecting the family of faith. Building the stage is a commitment to make Lifest a permanent part of this region and our future together. It will stand as a monument and a focal point of this Party With a Purpose. What we built in 2018 will impact our future and the future of our children.

“We are excited to put down roots and expand our footprint to accommodate our extraordinary growth. The new stage provides an exceptional venue and additional space for Lifest to continue to grow well into the future. We are here to stay and dedicated to our mission to celebrate the love of Jesus, proclaim His grace and connect the family and faith. If you would like to support the building project, click below to buy a brick and have your name engraved on a brick and placed in front of the stage.”

— Bob Lenz, President and Founder of Life Promotions and Lifest


Your brick purchase will help make it possible to pay off the stage.

4×8 brick: $100

8×8 brick: $250

New Stage FAQs

Lifest has experienced incredible growth over the last five years. If you have been at Lifest recently, you know that camping is sold out, Grandstand seating was overflowing, and attendees keep bringing more friends and family. To accommodate this growing audience, we need more space! By utilizing the former race track for the Grandstand stage and seating, we have seven additional acres to expand camping and add premier parking.   This is also a financial decision. Every year we spend $75,000 to rent and build the temporary stage. By building a permanent structure, we are saving the ministry money and creating the opportunity for other top-level live events to perform at Sunnyview Fairgrounds and Expo Center. A permanent structure will also provide the safest concert facility available.

We will open the gates to Grandstand seating at 9:00 am each day. This allows guests who are not camping an equal opportunity to reserve their space and gives our crew time to cleanup and prepare the concert area in the morning. In our new location, you will no longer be able to use tarps or blankets to save your spot; chairs only. The seating area will be covered with fine gravel, so chairs are the best way to enjoy the concert.

Due to the volume of traffic between Grandstand and Downtown, we are ensuring the safety of pedestrians by cutting back on vehicular traffic in the area. Vehicles are not allowed on Showview Lane in front of the venue. This change eliminated access to the Electric Central sites that were previously located here. The Electric Central sites have been relocated to the old Grandstand stage area. We also added 243 primitive sites here in a new campground called Pleasantville.

Grandstand is the big move and it was the momentum for all the other changes. KidZone has moved to Barn A (center of grounds) because Grandstand soundchecks and performances would be disruptive to the programming there. We also think KidZone and Art Space is a perfect match. The Garage moved to the Edge parking lot and is now called Quake and will provide open mics, band jams, drum circles, and progressive music styles. Finally, the Café will be in the heart of Downtown. When you grab your food you won’t miss any great music! You’ll be happy to know that Edge, Expo, and Oasis are all staying in the same spot as 2017.

We have moved the cross and Prayer Journey to the grove across from Grandstand (formerly Electric Central). This space will be a beautiful place to relax, meditate, and connect with friends. Bonfire worship will also be located here.

Barn E (formerly KidZone) will be the new location for Grandstand Artist Merch and will be open 11:00 am to 11:00 pm. All other artists will be selling merchandise at the stage they are scheduled to play on. If artists choose to do public meet and greets, they will do so at their merch table at the stage they are performing.

Camping Entrance Map We are fully utilizing all four gates on County Y and closing the entrance gate on Hwy 76. We made this decision because of the need to close Showview Lane to keep pedestrians separate from vehicular traffic. Entering the grounds from Hwy 76 won’t get you very far!  

Gate 1 (Red) Open 24 hours for campers in these villages: The Ave, Electric Central, Grand Acres, Pleasantville, Pleasantville Electric.

Gate 2 (Orange) Open 8:00 am to 12:00 am for handicapped guests with wheelchairs.

Gate 3 (Blue) WEDNESDAY AND THURSDAY: ENTRANCE ONLY Open Wednesday 5:00 pm to 12:00 am and Thursday 8:00 am to 5:00 pm for East Lot and campers in these villages: The Alley, Back 40, Camp Amp, Edge City South, Family Farm, Front Porch, Frontier, Graceland, Groovetown, Lazy Acres, Mission Field, Mission Field Electric, Shady Acres, Timbuktu, Voltage Heights, Youth City Edge.

Gate 3: Reopens Sunday for EXIT ONLY

Gate 4 WEDNESDAY AND THURSDAY: EXIT ONLY Open 24 hours Thursday after 5:00 pm for East Lot and campers in these villages: The Alley, Back 40, Camp Amp, Edge City South, Family Farm, Front Porch, Frontier, Graceland, Groovetown, Lazy Acres,  Mission Field, Mission Field Electric, Shady Acres, Timbuktu, Voltage Heights, Youth City Edge.


Activities Central has found a new home in the Edge Stage. Since youth seem to be the ones utilizing the activities on grounds, it made sense to make the Edge Stage the gathering place. Dodgeball and Volleyball will be under the covered arena. Basketball will stay Downtown on the blacktop. Activities Central is the place to sign up for tournaments, warrior training, and the photo scavenger hunt.

Thank You to Stage Project Sponsors

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