Have questions? Here are our Lifest FAQs. If you still have questions, feel free to EMAIL or CALL us at 920.738.5588.

Lifest Festival Grounds Address
Sunnyview Expo Center
500 E County Rd Y
Oshkosh, WI 54901

Lifest General Parking Address
Winnebago County Park
330 E Snell Rd
Oshkosh, WI 54901

Gates open at 8 am Daily

General FAQs

Easy Access allows you to skip the ticket exchange lines and enter the grounds on Wednesday at 5:00 pm. The cost is $60 per order. Easy Access MUST be purchased by May 31st.


Festival Grounds
Sunnyview Expo Center
500 E County Rd Y
Oshkosh, WI


Winnebago County Park
330 E Snell Rd
Oshkosh, WI

Winnebago County Park
330 E Snell Rd
Oshkosh, WI

  • From US Hwy 41 (coming from north or south), exit on Hwy 76/Jackson Street and go south towards the city of Oshkosh.
  • PASS THROUGH the first major intersection which is County Road Y.
  • Continue on Hwy 76/Jackson Street to the next stop light and turn left (east) onto Snell Road.
  • Travel about 1/2 mile and turn left (north) and enter the Winnebago County Park.

General parking is free in 2024. Parking is located in the Winnebago County Park which should be entered on Snell Road – use 330 E Snell Rd, Oshkosh, WI for the entrance to parking. Note: Overnight parking is only allowed in designated lots on the Sunnyview Fairgrounds. To park overnight, please purchase an Overflow Parking Pass ($20) online or at the Ticket Tent.

See our Camping page for info on tent and electric campsites. If camping doesn’t suit you, click this link for hotels in the area that have rooms available for the summer: https://app.groupize.com/e/lifest-2024

You may also visit the Oshkosh Convention and Visitors Bureau website for hotel and lodging information.


See the Camping FAQs section below.

Grandstand has two premium seating options: Reserved and On Stage. If you purchase these items, you do not need to bring a chair to Lifest. See the Premium Seating page for more info. If you decide not to purchase premium seating, you will want to bring a chair for the Grandstand field. Chairs may be placed at approximately 9:00 am each morning. You may not leave your chairs overnight; they will be removed. Please do not bring chairs with umbrellas or anything that will block your neighbor’s view. Chairs should be placed within the painted lines so that aisles remain clear. If a canopy tent is needed for medical reasons, you must place it behind all the chairs so you do not obstruct anyone else’s view. You may not use tarps or large blankets to reserve your seating location. Cafe, KidZone, Quake, and Oasis venues have folding chairs for seating. The Edge Stage is made for dancing and jumping so no chairs are provided here, but there are bleachers along the edge of the venue.

NOT ALLOWED – Alcohol, illegal drugs, firearms, weapons, or any item that resembles a weapon or firearm (including personal paint ball guns) or fireworks. Violators may be removed from the Lifest grounds without a refund. Any illegal activity will be reported to the proper authorities.

CARRY-INS – Carry-ins of food and drinks are allowed by campers only. All carry-in items must be consumed at campsites or parking areas. Food and drinks are available for purchase on the Lifest grounds. We have family-friendly pricing at our Lifest locations. We also have vendors with healthy food options. If you have dietary restrictions for medical needs, you may carry-in small containers.

RECORDING EQUIPMENT – Unauthorized video cameras, tape recorders, drones, and professional camera equipment are strictly prohibited at any of the stage areas or seminars. Laser pointers are also prohibited at all stages and seminars.

ANIMALS – You can’t bring your pet to Lifest, however service animals are allowed.

GOLF CARTS / SCOOTERS / ATVs– Only personal golf carts registered and approved with Life Promotions will be allowed on the grounds. For approval, please contact us by email. Motorized scooters and mopeds (except those needed for medical assistance) are not allowed on the festival grounds. Lifest reserves the right to confiscate the above vehicles until the end of the festival. ATVs are strictly prohibited on the grounds. The streets of Sunnyview Expo Center fall under the same laws and regulations as Oshkosh city streets.

HANDICAPPED PARKING – If you have a valid state-issued disabled parking permit, you are eligible to park in the handicapped lot in the Winnebago County Park. When you arrive at Lifest, you should follow the general parking signs to Snell Road and enter the Winnebago County Park. The attendant will direct you to the correct lot based on your needs.

SEATING – Platform Reserved Seating has space available for wheelchair attendees and one guest. Stop by the Platform to request a one-day pass for this area (quantities limited). To ensure seating in Reserved Seating, you can purchase Reserved Seating for $175 for the full event (in addition to your event ticket). The Café Stage has a reserved seating area marked for wheelchairs by the stage.

DEAF AND HARD OF HEARING – Lifest provides American Sign Language interpreters for the Deaf and hard of hearing. Please contact us in advance if you need this service: [email protected].

CAMPING – We have a limited number of tent and electric handicapped sites that are close to bathrooms and the road. They are reserved for families with special needs and are only available by calling our office at 920-738-5588.

GOLF CARTS – Only personal golf carts registered and approved with Life Promotions will be allowed on the grounds. For approval, please contact us by email. Motorized scooters needed for medical assistance are permitted and do not need to be registered.

You are not allowed to sell products, services, tickets, or distribute any information on the Lifest grounds without prior written approval from Life Promotions. See our Vendor Information page for more information.

Lifest continues rain or shine. However, if there is severe weather, we may delay or cancel shows. For the latest info, follow us on Facebook or Instagram.

Lost and Found is located in the Ticket Tent at Lifest. After the event, all items will be brought to the Life Promotions office. Contact us through email or phone: 920-738-5588. We will keep lost items for 30 days after the event. Life Promotions assumes no responsibility for lost items.

If you lost a ticket purchased through iTickets, contact us before the event through email or phone, 920-738-5588, and we can help you reprint it. We can also reprint your tickets at the Ticket Tent at Lifest. Physical tickets, promotional tickets, wristbands, and coupons are treated as cash. If they are lost, stolen, or destroyed, we cannot replace them.

We offer 50% off a One Day Ticket any day of the event for anyone who shows their valid military ID (active or retired). Discount is for military personnel only. This discount is only available at the gate.

Ticket donations are only available for nonprofit organizations in Wisconsin. We give up to four Adult One Day tickets to each organization per year. There are a limited number given per month and they are awarded on a first-come, first-serve basis. Complete this form and return it at least four weeks in advance.

Any person who enters the Lifest grounds assumes all risk of personal injury and loss or damage to property. The management reserves the right to refuse admission to anyone. Management is not responsible for any lost or stolen property or any vehicle at Lifest. Life Promotions reserves the right to search individuals, personal property and vehicles. Commercial photography and filming activities are conducted on the Lifest grounds, and a Lifest attendee or personal property may appear in resulting photographic pictures or films, which may be used in connection with advertising, news, reporting, entertainment, or other commercial or non-commercial activities. Entry onto the Lifest grounds and/or purchase of an admission ticket constitutes permission and consent for Life Promotions and its licensees to use the resulting photographs and films for any purpose whatsoever without payment.

Camping FAQs

  • OPEN – The Main Gate opens for campers at 8:00 am on Thursday, July 11. Registering over 2,500 campsites is a long process. Thank you ahead of time for your patience!
  • ARRIVAL – Please follow the traffic signs on Hwy 76. You should enter the Winnebago County Park from Snell Road. The camping line will take you to Gate 1 or Gate 4, depending on the location of your camping village. We will scan your tickets and wristband everyone in your vehicle. You can purchase extra tickets or stop at Will Call if you don’t have everything you need.
  • CELL PHONE NUMBER – Make sure your cell phone number is written on the Camping Vehicle Pass which you should place in your vehicle’s window.
  • EXIT AND RE-ENTRY – After you have made it through Camping Registration and everyone has a wristband in your car, you should enter the at the gate closest to your campsite. See the camping map below. Vehicles will not be able to cross between the Blue and Red sections.
    • If you are camping in Pleasantville, Pleasantville Electric, Electric Central, The Ave, or Grand Acres, you should enter Gate 1 (Red) on Hwy Y.
    • If you are camping in any other camping village, you should enter Gate 3 (Blue) on Wednesday and Thursday (until 5:00 PM) then Gate 4 on Hwy Y.
  • PARKING – If you only have a Camping Vehicle Pass – you must park on your campsite. If you have an Overflow Parking Pass, you may park in the East Lot. Some campgrounds have limited Overnight Parking available – watch for signs “Permit Parking Only.” If you park in any other area, you will be towed.
  • BOUNDARIES – Please stay within your marked boundaries. Typically, the flags are placed in the middle of your sites. If you need more space, you can buy an Overflow Parking Pass for $20 for your vehicle. If you need to purchase another site, you may need to move to a different location.

  • Campsite prices are for the full event.
  • Volunteers with a campsite can enter the grounds on Wednesday, July 6th between 12:00 pm and 10:00 pm.
  • Main Gate opens Thursday, July 11th at 8:00 am.
  • Campers are not allowed to set up after 11:00 pm out of respect for neighbors. Camping check-out is no later than 5:00 pm on Sunday, July 14th.
  • Overflow Parking Passes allow you to park a vehicle on grounds if you don’t want to park on your campsite. You can purchase this pass online or at the Ticket Tent for $20. The pass allows you to go to your campsite to unload. Once your vehicle is unloaded, park your vehicle in one of the overflow locations. Please watch for signs indicating the appropriate parking areas. PLEASE WRITE YOUR CELL NUMBER ON YOUR OVERFLOW PARKING PASS.
  • Parking rules will be strictly enforced at Lifest. Too many campers have parked in other campsites or in areas that need to be clear for emergency vehicles. If you put your cell number on your Overflow Parking Pass or Campsite Pass, we will notify you before calling a tow truck. If you are towed, you will need to pay the fine.
  • Ice can be purchased at the Lifest Store or the Lifest Food Shack.
  • Drinkable water, bathrooms, and a limited number of free showers are available on-grounds. Our shower trailer offers hot showers for $3 each. Water/Sanitary hookups are not available on the grounds. However, we have contracted Pit-Stop Services to pump RV tanks for an additional fee. Stop at the Information Center in the Ticket Tent to fill out a request form or scan the QR code:
  • Generators are allowed if they are equipped with a muffler. Generators must be turned off between midnight and 8:00 am. We reserve the right to ask you to turn off your generator if it is bothering your neighbors.
  • Lifest may need to reassign campsites based on ground conditions.
  • Tickets and camping passes are non-refundable.
  • Be noisy, disruptive, or destructive.
  • Dump gray water on the ground.
  • Leave your garbage behind.
  • Have an open fire (Burning Info in the City of Oshkosh).
  • Bring firewood from more than 25 miles away unless you follow quarantine rules.
  • Park or camp in a site you didn’t pay for.
  • Wear immodest clothing or swimsuits in public.
  • Bring your pet (unless it is a service animal).
  • Stay overnight at a campsite if you only have a One Day wristband (unless it’s Saturday).
  • Purchase a campsite for a group under the age of 18. At least one member of the group must be 18.
  • Bring firearms, alcohol, illegal drugs, or fireworks.

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